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Spotmarket has come about in a desire to facilitate the process of trade of residual and data-critical goods. We collaborate with a wide range of suppliers, wholesalers and distributors in both food and non-food and have a large network of buyers in various industries that use Spotmarket daily for ordering interesting goods. Many buyers take advantage of our great offers to make spells in stores and yes-thank offers on Facebook with great success. The concept is to be seen as an effective supplement to ordinary daily operations as well as a meeting place for good deals.

Overstocks, date-critical and other surplus goods

Trade in residues is both resource-consuming and time consuming. The idea is that it’s easy, fast and efficient to shop for rest and party.

Spotmarket is an online B2B solution with its own digital trading platform, where buyers and sellers can trade directly with each other. The marketplace is open 24/7/365 – it is always possible to make a good trade when the time or need is there.

What does it cost?

Free services at SpotmarketIt is absolutely free to be set up as a user at Spotmarket.

As a buyer, you never pay anything to use the marketplace. You only pay vendors for the items you buy, just as you usually do.

As a supplier, you can also create your ads on the Marketplace for free. You pay a sales fee for the parties sold and you do not sell anything, it costs you nothing.

Sales fee

5.95% under 50.000 kr.

4.95% from 50.000 to 99.999 kr.

3.95% from 100.000 to 249.999 kr.

2.95% over 250.000 kr.

Large B2B network

At Spotmarket you will find a wide and wide network of suppliers and buyers.
By 2018, we rounded over 1,400 users on the Spotmarket portal, which is distributed between approx. 900 buyers and 500 suppliers.
We have suppliers and buyers from many different industries. The particular grocery industry is large. Here we work together with a large selection of all the well-known brands as well as the largest supermarket chains in Denmark.

Benefits of using Spotmarket

As a buyer, you can take advantage of Spotmarket whenever you want:

  • Finding good deals on residual parties, etc. at spot prices.
  • All prices quoted are excl. VAT and freely delivered to your business address.
  • Access to a platform that is easy, fast and efficient – and active when you need it.
  • Always access a wide range of items.

As a supplier, you can take advantage of Spotmarket whenever you want:

  • Improve your sales of residual and data-critical goods.
  • Introduce or test interest in a new product in the Danish market.
  • Get in touch with stores you are not yet in.
  • Access to a platform that is easy, fast and efficient – and active when you need it.

We look forward to welcoming you at Spotmarket.

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